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Some of the services offered by the various transport companies have seasonal variations. So we suggest you re-check timetables close to your planned travel date.  The Rising Cock cannot be responsible for changes in information supplied on this page and is not responsible for the actions of the companies listed here.

Train company (site) Lagos - Faro Faro -  Lisbon - Porto

To get the TRAIN to Lagos, you’ll have to go to the Faro train station (10 mins from the airport). There is a bus from the airport that can take you to the station or you can take a taxi (will cost you about €10). The trip from Faro to Lagos by train is 2 hours.

EVA Bus site Lagos - Faro Lagos -  Lisbon

BUS (Bus station is 100 metres from Train station) the trip cost around 5€ and last 2h.

SHUTTLE service from Faro's airport to the Lagos (around 14€): many people us this website. Trip last 60 min.

Rede Expresso now offer free Wi-Fi on their busses.

Lagos - Seville Rede Expresso site
Sky Scanner

This is an embedded Sky Scanner booking engine for your convenience, for more details go to