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The Rising Cock celebrates another year of fun, sun and fiestas. All free, 48 hour long celebration was one of the most epic yet.

The Rising Cock Gallery 1 4^ There are plenty more places to see the Rising Cock. Here are a selection of places to view our antics.

Mama made her famous soup for every person at the hostel while Rising Cock Sunglasses made their debut to make everyone look like true ballers.

A wonderful day at The Rising Cock.

The Rising Cock is not to be missed.
You never know what could happen here!

As Mama says, "this a funny house!"

The famous USA SHOWTime Network aired this series and featured The Rising Cock as one of its destinations. Check out some of the craziness The Rising Cock showed to the SHOWTime crew.

72 hours at The Cock could change your life. Take a peek at how these people found more than they were looking for while staying at The Rising Cock Hostel.

The Rising Cock Gallery 2 The Rising Cock Gallery 3