Social Commitment

1. Q. Do you have occupancy availability for these dates, and what is the price per night?

A. For the most up to date availability and prices please go to the "Bookings & Reviews" tab on our website or the "Book Online"  icon at the top of this page. Booking on Hostelworld.com is an alternative option.You can also book via email at anytime at info@risingcock.com and we can help you with any questions or details about your reservation.

2. Q. I never received a booking confirmation upon booking my reservation. Has my reservation still been confirmed?

A. Online booking engines such as Hostelworld.com will automatically send you a confirmation email upon completing your reservation and deposit. If you do not receive an email please contact the site you booked with or feel free to email us at info@risingcock.com

3. Q. I tried to book online, but it shows that there is no availability for my desired dates.

A. If you are making your reservation with one week ahead of your arrival, please email us at info@risingcock.com and we will find a way to accommodate you. The Cock is big, there is always space!

If you are making your reservation less than a week before your arrival, don’t panic! Please call us at +351968758785 before passing on your unique Cock experience.  

4. Q. I tried to book online, but it shows that there is no availability for my group, can I still make a reservation?

A.. This does not mean we cannot accommodate you, sometimes you must make two separate reservations for large groups in different room types.  Please remind us upon your arrival and we will try our very best to put you all in the same room. We rarely have cancellations, so try to book as many nights as you can, so we can accommodate you to the best of our ability.

5. Q. I have a large group that would like to stay in the same room, what is largest occupancy you can have for one room?

The largest group we can accommodate in one room is twelve, in one of our apartments just around the corner. If this is the case please email us and we can inform you of its’ availability.

6. Q. How can our group book one of your private apartments?

A. The Cock offers a number of different alternatives for larger groups of 20 plus. Send us an email at info@risingcock.com for prices and more details.

7.Q. How do you get to Lagos from the Faro Airport?

A. Check out our new "Travel" tab (“hyperlink to the Travel tab) on our website for detailed directions, transportation tips, dates, times and prices. If you have a hard time viewing the page, visit our Facebook page (“hyperlink” to the facebook page) and in the discussion tab, there is a post that describes in detail how to get some Cock.

8. Q. We have made separate reservations, can we be put in the same room?

A. Please notify us before your arrival that you would like to be in the same room and we will try our very best to accommodate you and your friends. If we are not able to accommodate your group prior to your arrival please notify us again upon arriving, as we do have cancellations and space that frees up.   

9. Q. Is their any parking around the hostel?

A. Yes, you can park on the street outside the hostel for free in designated areas. For extra protection, we have two garage parking spots just across the hostel for 5 euros a night.

10. Q:Do you take Visa or Master Cards?

A. Hell yeah, we will also take you to pleasure town for free.

11. Q: Why cant Ken and Barbie make babies?

A: Because Ken cums in a different box.

12. Q: I sent you guys an email but never received a response. Should I wait or send another email?

A. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused. We are doing our best to answer your email as soon as possible. If your question is urgent please call +351 968 758785 and we can give you an answer immediately.

13. Q: Is the Cock looking for staff?

A. We are always looking to strengthen and grow the Cock. Upload all of your details on the "Work with us" tab and we will contact successful applicants.

14. Q. Do you provide locks for the lockers at your hostel?

A. We have locks available for purchase for just 3 euros at recepition, which you can keep and use for your future travels.

15. Q. I heard a lot about the Booze Cruise, how can I reserve my spot?

A. The Booze Cruise is definitely a must in Lagos. The best way to save your spot and avoid disappointment is checking out their website: www.boozecruiselagos.com

16. Q: How many gallons of sperm does one sperm whale ejaculate during orgasm?

A: 400 gallons - hence why the ocean is so salty.

17. Q. I need to add one more person to my reservation, what’s the best way to do that?

A. Go to the booking engine you used to make the original reservation. For example, if you made your reservation through hostelworld.com just go their website; there you can change whatever you want at your reservation: from the number of people on the reservation to the amount of nights you and your friends are staying. If you still have any question just send us an email to info@risingcock.com


Why mosquito nets?

Malaria is the deadliest disease in the world, killing over a milion people every year.  Through close work with a social consultant of Northeastern University, we  decided to use all of the funds raised by the Cock Action Program to donate mosquito nets in order to do our part in offsetting the fatal results of such a preventable disease. Mosquito nets are an easy and cost effective way to stop the infection of malaria, as the nets are embedded with a chemical compound which kills mosquitoes once they land on the nets.

How do you know all about this, are you dong it right?

In our history, we have had other philanthropic events focused on helping people in need. This year, with the help of a social consultant, we compared various types of humanitarian actions in which we could participate.  As a business which specializes in the comfort of our guests, we felt that mosquito nets were an appropriate option for our aid.  Every guest who sleeps at the Rising Cock is helping a family in Africa to have a better night of sleep.

How do I know that the mosquito nets are going to those in need?

The United Nation Foundation, an organization set up to assist in the efforts of poverty alleviation, has groups of professionals who assess the needs of these nets for each country.  Through the use of this organization and their database, we can be sure that those in need will benefit. Besides acting as a distributor for the nets, the  U.N. Foundation makes sure that workers are trained to understand how the mosquito nets should be used and maintained.


How much is international shipping?

We offer free international shipping.

What’s the lead time?
About a week and a half.

I ordered something and I still didn’t received it (WTF!!!)
Check your tracking number or contact us with tacking number, country of shipping and your full name.

A good friend of mine is looking for a t-shirt but don’t have the money yet, what should he do?
Keep looking lol.

Shipping & Handling