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As the visionaries & pioneers of the private hosteling industry in Portugal, the Rising Cock has chosen to use their experience & global influence to promote social awareness within the entire hostel industry.

Every night that you sleep at the Rising Cock, you are able to make an impact on the lives of those in need.  We call it the Cock Action Throughout the year, our customers act as participants in our philanthropic effort, in order to raise money for mosquito nets donated to African families in need.  The Rising Cock contributes an additional 25% of the amount raised. All of the cash collected is used to buy, donate, and distribute mosquito nets in order to prevent the infection and spread of malaria. In 2011, we estimate that thanks to the Cock Action, 77 nets will be sent to Africa. One family of four can use a mosquito net for up to three years.

Malaria is the deadliest disease in the world, killing over a milion people every year. Through close work with a social consultant of Northeastern University, we  decided to use all of the funds raised by the Cock Action Program to donate mosquito nets in order to do our part in offsetting the fatal results of such a preventable disease. Mosquito nets are an easy and cost effective way to stop the infection of malaria, as the nets are embedded with a chemical compound which kills mosquitoes once they land on the nets.

In our history, we have had other philanthropic events focused on helping people in need. This year, with the help of a social consultant, we compared various types of humanitarian actions in which we could participate.  As a business which specializes in the comfort of our guests, we felt that mosquito nets were an appropriate option for our aid.  Every guest who sleeps at the Rising Cock is helping a family in Africa to have a better night of sleep.

The United Nation Foundation, an organization set up to assist in the efforts of poverty alleviation, has groups of professionals who assess the needs of these nets for each country.  Through the use of this organization and their database, we can be sure that those in need will benefit. Besides acting as a distributor for the nets, the  U.N. Foundation makes sure that families are trained to understand how the mosquito nets should be used and maintained.

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